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15 March 1993
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My user name is based on my OC.

I watched the 2009 movie of star trek. I can now say I am a fan! I been looking for yaoi in Star Trek, fav pairings: Spirk and Chulu. I got my mom to buy a month of netflix just to watch the TOS version.

I recently started, stopped, then started to watch Supernatural. Sorry, I got into Destiel first. I blame Tumblr.

I am also now into Doctor Who (main reason I started up Netflix again-I had lost my original account due to not paying, and my mom started her own). And also Sherlock.

Been getting into Youtube and Pokemon, and getting a Job. If you really want to see updates on me, check out my Tumblr- which has all livejournal posts re-posted there, waaay in the back.

Writing is at a stop, as am focused on Job getting and Youtube stuff. Yay?