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My link above is to my deviant art page. Will update this page for links and such.


My fanfiction page.


Made it finally!

The Spirk pic of the century!

Or just the cutest pic that I ever made. Based on a SasuNaru pic-Here-

This pic is cute and cuddly. I hope its ok. Made by me for Spirk fans EVERYWHERE!

I might edit it later on, but its what it is. Baby Spock grabbing Little Jim's face. While Little Jim holds his Starfleet issued sippy-cup. And his Admiral bib (Red-for your Starfleet fangirl/boy moments!).

Spock is wearing a altered uniform, based on his regular uniform, where the Starfleet logo is hidden (in reality, I just didn't want to draw another logo-took way to much time).

I did it all on paint, which is why it looks sorta crappy. I am going to upload this on Deviant Art. I hope yall like it...cause I don't want to do it eva again.

I like to think that Spock and Jim of Nu!Star Trek got babie-fied on a diplomatic mission. And the Crew has Spock Prime and the Vulcans-To take them to New Vulcan. The mission was supposed to not take long, in and out. But the aliens on the plant wanted the Captain and his First Officer to "experience life together". Or something along those lines.

I can hear Bones now..."Dammit Jim! I am a Doctor, not a babysitter!" *hypospray* Hehehe.

Hm...maybe someone should write that...IDK...hehhehe.

Spock's Hair, and Jim's eyes I need to edit...thank goodness its the only thing. Hopefully...


Made an Icon

I have made many of icons, but this is my only one that is animated.

Its cute no?

Based on the comments from AnalyzationCommentary of TOS for KS by Brittany Diamond.

Her mind keeps reeling away, and I had to make a icon on it.

Also, the pic of child Spock and Kirk AREN'T MINE! That picture was made by kilala10. So the credit goes to her. Not me.

And the mind pic was found and flipped several times was found in Google Images. The writing I wrote myself.

I hope yall like it.

I am going to upload a pic that I drew, its Spirk based on a pic of SasuNaru. Ah. SasuNaru. My first Yaoi Love. You neva forget your first...

Which reminds me. I found Yaoi by reading a rated-T at the time Harry Potter fan-fiction. By the time it rose to M, I had no idea what the pairing was.

I was very innocent, and reading that pairing ruined for me. The pairing was...Voldemort/Harry. ARRGG MY EYES *grabs eyes in pain* ARRGH! NEVA AGAIN!

After being traumatized, I realized that sorta pairing (man on man-not Voldie and errggg) would be hot to read. Then I found SasuNaru...and it goes on.

Hm...should get that icon uploaded and finished soon. Hopefully.



My weirdness levels-sadly low-dang it

So, mark_sarrasri, your LiveJournal reveals…

You are… 5% unique (blame, for example, your interest in dragon’s call), 10% peculiar, 38% interesting, 19% normal and 29% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy yaoi). When it comes to friends you are desperate. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are wary of trusting strangers. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is simplistic.

Your overall weirdness is: 14

(The average level of weirdness is: 28.
You are weirder than 29% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

Writer's Block: It's cold outside

I live in Minnesota, so it's funny to hear people in places like California complaining about the cold. What temperature is too cold for you?

when it hits -10 degrees...I also live in minnesota, its so stupid to hear people complain about 50 degrees being too cold. Thats like warm! By the time it hits 70, I get too hot.


  1. What if Usagi gained a wish? A wish that answers the heart's want? What if Usagi still wish to be a normal girl? And everyone remembers this life but her? What would Mamoru and Sieya (who came back) do to get her heart? What happens when she falls for Seijūrō Ginga, aka Ail, when En and Ail come back? Title: The Wish
  2. What happens when Mamoru breaks up with Usagi again? AND her parents make her move to Forks, Washington! Will she find love again? Or will her new friends bring a new war to the new century? Title: Bad Day
  3. When Shikamaru gets a laptop that’s connected to a person name kamiam123, what will that rest of the Naruto gang find out? Wait...SHE IS A YOAI FAN? Oh shoot, is that why is Naruto looking at Sasuke strangely????? Title: The Laptop

·         When Shikamaru gets a laptop from the 5th Hokage, he meets the person who sent it. Her user name is kamiam714, and her laptop is somehow connected to Shika's laptop. Suddenly the Naruto gang all find out and start to help Shikamaru get used to this new invention, they found out that Miss Kamiam, is a Yaoi fan. So, does that explain why Naruto is look at Sasuke so oddly?

4.      What happens when a young genius girl becomes depressed? And this girl creates a machine to go into any book of your choosing? Follow this girl and her adventure with Diane Sarrasri! Title: My Goddess

5.      What if a boy who was born in another dimension, parents were Adam and Eve, and tries to get you and a boy you hate together? Well, I don't know. But I guess Mikan is figuring this one out! Title: Dimension Jumper

6.      Luffy and the gang were doing their thing on Going Merry. Suddenly Sanji notices that someone was watching them. Wondering who this "stalker" was, they searched. What they didn't expect to see, was the man who they all should be running from. But, why are they not running? Why is this Man sad? Title: And The Sad One Comes

7.      Naruto was alone. He had few friends. His best friend was weird, and his other friends were either to busy or avoiding him. Why? Because he was a closet gay man. And not a lot of his friends think that is cool. He doesn't get a lot of dates either. So a man called Gaku Namikiri, decided to give Naruto the first line of Gay Figurines. Now what craziness will happen? Title: My Absolute Boyfriend

8.      Mark and the crew have past Mermaid Island. They are finally in the new world. Mark, who has been there before, fears something bad is coming up. Crew, oblivious, continue on. When a mysterious fog appears, Mark immediately grasped the nearest person to him, Luffy. When the crew is separated, only Luffy and Mark are together. Mark, who has had this experience before, knows that there in the past. How will the crew come back together, and how will they get back to the future, where they are sooo close to there dreams? Title: The Past

9.      Mark Sarrasri loved anime. His favorite right now is Fruit Basket. One day, Mark drags his boyfriend, Natsume, to Barnes & Noble. He gets a Fruit Basket manga, when a explosion knocks out Mark and Natsume. Next thing they know, Shigure Sohma is staring at them. How and why? Find out! Title: My Fruit Basket

10.  Yuki Sohma is now transferring to the legendary Ouran High School, on Akito's orders. He has one week to learn more about Mitsukuni Haninozuka before Kyo, Tohru, Momiji, Hatsuharu all come to Ouran. What is Akito's plan? Why is Kyo looking at Hani so oddly? Why am I asking you all these questions? Title: Ouran Basket



You are an Innocent Uke!
Cute and sweet, and most gentle of all uke, whips and chains are not for you - you just want someone to love you. You are often spotted in candy shops wearing furry kitty ears, where you are sure to be noticed by the Romantic Seme, whose protective instincts will kick in and will only want to take you home and love and protect you. And you, of course, will be more than happy to spend the rest of your life baking cookies for your seme.
Most compatible with: Romantic Seme
Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme
What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at [url=http://www.semeuke.com]SemeUke.com[/url], or find merchandise [url=http://www.gesshoku.org]here[/url].

Kokoro no Mondai English Lyrics

K O K O R O any question!
K O K O R O How difficult is it!
K O K O R O This is a problem
K O K O R O A problem of the heart!

Why are you making that face? Because I hate the way you speak!
Actually, I've been mad for a long time- Mad? Are you a idiot?

A pouting face, crying face
Even though I want to get along with you
The worst feeling: a loss for both sides
The more you like each other, the worse it feels

Blowing it out now that it is blistering playfully rolling
If I can separate from the clear
But do not look so scary
Should do much more than you should want to fight with you
You're the only one that understands my true feelings
A problem of the heart, difficulty of our problem today.

She does not care about anything apart from that they say too little
How did we get this? Well, Well, and I remember

It will be a MESOU hand extensor
Do you have a hand in the distance
Spike roller coaster
I'll always shine in the city more

HAREBARE sunny or swollen eyes roll KOROKOROKOKORO
Seems a good fight even if it sometimes
In the face like that, so don't be shy.
I have to do a lot of things that I don't want to do, I want to hold your hand.
You're the only one that understands my true feelings
A problem of the heart, well our problems today!

K O K O R O any question!
K O K O R O How difficult is it!
K O K O R O This is a problem
K O K O R O A problem of the heart!

Suddenly become a friend and met you in this star
Feelings are important throbbing
So sleep easy in such a serious
I laughed at is better than looking for the answer
You're the only one that understands my true feelings
A problem of the heart, today was also successful! !

K O K O R O A problem of the heart!
K O K O R O A problem of the heart!

Fanfiction Daily Info.

So, I decided I will post my daily info here instead of my porfile cuase it will be long. I will edited this post daily. Here:

Today, 1/11/08, I remembered something. I AM SCARED OF PIANOS! Yes, I am scared of pianos. It was all thanks to Goosebumps, or one of them at least. It was one about pianos and people forever playing them. It scared me soo much that I never read Goosebumps ever again. I am weird, I know.~~~

1/15/08 2 more months till my b-day! Finals are tomorrow. So don't be surprised if you don't see me in a while. My mother might ground me. THE HORROR!~~~

2/13/08 Stupid Valentine day tomorrow. Don't ask why I hate it. Just do. Eating Applesauce. Been rewatching old anime I loved. Like digimon. I remembered a lot and not alot. Aaah. Good memories.~~~

4/12/08 Ahh. Haven't writen here in a while. Sorry to all who thought i was going to write. Not totally ready yet. (sweatdrop) hhehehe. Some stories that i thought of writing and starting awhile ago. Some updates on Profile so look out for them!~~~

6/12/08 mm two months since i last talked to all you wonderfull people..some updates on profile. If any of you are wondering this: "Hey kamiam, you should be atleast done with one chapter of a story.. why dont you post it?" Simple answer really..i HATE i mean Hate how i write. First i write it down. then i see mistakes.. then it takes me forever just to finish off those mistakes.. One good reason why i should never be a beta.. Cant even be my own (ps. no i dont want a beta right now.) Loves to all !! kiss kiss !!~~~

6/18/08 So i was working on a project that is relavant to my stories. Not totally finished on them but I got some of them done and so i putting up the poll again. So vote poeple and chose which story I will focas on.!! Edit: ok people I am torn. Sanji-kun is becoming more and more my favorite character but I starting to like ZoSan too! I like ZoLu too, that one will always be the best pairing,next to ShanksLuffy (no one does this one!!). Anyway. Now i am confused if i like Sanji more than ZoSan. And I now really dislike SanNa. just some thoughts here!!~~~

6/24/08 Couple things. First, Yes I like Pokemon. I know some people think is should stop. But i think its a fun game to play (anime, I dont like to much). Secondly, i finally decided to add sites you will find me on during the day!...i think that is it.~~~

7/05/08 Guess What!! I am now able to know which twin is Hikaru and which twin is Kaoru by their voices!! I would like to thank Lavi because without him, I wouldn't be able to tell who is who, at all! In other news: Moved around somethings (like this) and deleted things (see links for Anime stuff!). Also I add some new things (pairing stuff). Also everyone should know by now that I have a partner/sub-conscious who is the sealed in Naruto, who somehow with me- Kyūbi no Kitsune!!Wee!! He(I shall call him he because it would be rude to call him it) won't talk here only on my stories and my reviewing. He is my sadist veiw/is sadist. He shall only come out in story's review that I want more of (so make it good!!) Only two people have done this and one has gotten my evil tone (this means I reaaaaaly want the next chapter). SO GO AND WRITE MORE!!...Also I have set up a request/challenge for anyone who wants to that. SO PM ME!!BYE!!~~~

7/21/08 Few new things: I WAS CHOSEN TO STUDY IN ENGLAND, IRELAND, WALES, AND SCOTLAND!! I would like to thank the origanization called People to People! Though I don't know for sure if I am going or not its still a awesome thought no? Giggles Also I put up my FanFiction heroes/senpai's place. So if your name is not up there DO NOT FRET! It means that I picked the only people that I respect and I hope to be like them someday. ALSO! I am writing a One-shot, it will be short but it will at least be something up here!! MAUHAHAHAHAHHA!!~~~

9/16/08 I have decided. I am finally going to write and finish something. I probably wont lose interest becuase this story I am going to write is based on a book that I will always want to do. I have an idea for the title! Here it is: The Marauders and Lily read the Sorcerer's Stone. Yes I know it has been done but no one seems to finish them. Plus I am putting one of my OC's that is based on me, in them. Hopefully she wont be MarySueish. I dont like the MarySues very much. Also she will be a Fangirl. A yaoi, Sanji, Zoro, Remus, Sirius, Snape, Tamaki, Lavi, and Luffy fangirl. Yes, all the good stuff. And since it has the SORCERER'S stone in the title, it will be the American verision of Harry Potter. For one thing, I dont have the resources to get the British one, nor the money. Secondly, the American one has a few corrections in it, form what I have seen the the British based fanfictions. So i am doing the first book, all the way, and then I will see if I wont be lazy from my first multific story, and make the second book. If I dont get lazy and do the whole first book and get good reviews, I will then decide I will do all 7 books. I will tell more about it in the story. So all my fans (there are some right?) and the people who I reviewed who will review my story (it wouldnt be very polite not to do it grins an evil smile Hope you all can come and read it! Also VOTE IN MY POLL!!

9/29/08 I HAVE MY STORY OUT!! MUAHAHAHAhaHAHAHH! So vote in my poll, and review my story. I think it is ok for my first multichapter story. The next chapter will be done soon (started it today). If anyone would like to add anything to my story, give out ideas, just pm me! If there good (better then mine, which be very likely), I will put the idea in my story. SO PM ME!

10/22/08 ~To me fans: So I got my second chapter out. I will start working on the next chapter soon, but since I am been doing fanfiction instead of doing my homework...Well, this year I am going to focas more on my homework. But I will start the next chapter! Maybe even tonight! Also check out my new livejournal, I swear I am going to keep this one. But this one contains vital info for every fanperson should read (any fanperson of mine anyway). It should be under the qoutes and things I think you guys should see. Also...VOTE IN ME POLL! If I am going to put my OC (which I will) I need to decide which one, cause my OC is vital to the next chapters.

12/6/08 ~To me fans: I am sorry. I have gotten my 3rd chapter started, but since I got so much homework (and a new game that I want to play), it might not come out on the day I said it would. Also, since my mom is canceling the internet (no need for you to know why), any new chapter will come out either by christmas or by January at the latest. I am sorry for all who really like my story, but I have so much happening right now...I am sorry. Ja...

12/17/08 ~To me fans: [looks around]
I am BACK! And in hiding. I am sad to say that I was truly online for this last month...In my defense, when I told yall that my internet was getting cut off, I truly thought it was getting cut off. My sis had gotten a unexpected bundle of money, so she paid all the bills. SO! At that point...I lost all the will to write Harry Potter and went into hiding! So I have decided to write the promised 3rd chapter of my story and then start/finish the story that I had written 2 years ago. I will put The Maruaders and Lily read the Sorcerers Stone (SP?) on hold. Thankfully not permanently. As soon as I see the next Harry Potter movie, I will be back in the "funk"! So to my loyal fans...I AM SORRY!

~To me fans: I have finally cracked. My guinea pig Spot is now very depressed. Her sister and my brother's guinea pig (Miss Peach) has passed away. My dad (whom I am terrified off) is now trying to be in my life (HE LEFT MY MOM! GRRR). And now I can't take any more pressure from my insane brother, my fans, and school... For now I am putting my stories on a semi-permanent hold. Bows I am soo sorry but no more...My fans are now the only person (other than the school) that I will listen to. Gomen. I hope everyone can understand...I am now just too depressed to do anything other than read stories...Ja...Ne...

~To me fans: I am slowly coming back. Thank goodness. I am sad to say my guinea pig Spot has passed on to the big Guinea Pig place in the sky. sob I miss her so. She died a couple a weeks ago. cries harder I miss her! But- sniff- I have a new guinea pig. She is will be 6 weeks old this Tuesday (3/3/09). I lover her very much. She is the baby right now (I can relate, I am the baby of the family after all). Her name is Pixie. I will upload her picture asap. Anyway, Good NEWS!~ I have restarted Ch. 3 of my Harry Potter story. I will try to finish it soon. I think reading Yaoi Harry Potter fics, as got my "Kyūbi" back. Ja!~

4/10/09 ~To me fans: Hey everyone. Before you through sticks at me, I have a terrible but very good excuse. My sister, my only sis, died in October of 2009. I won't tell you any more than that. Soon after that all my guinea pigs died. So for months now, I have been only able to read and review, not write. But I am getting through it. I have my newest family member. She is the first of the family (mine anyway). Everyone, meet Phoebe, my Chihuahua and Bichon mix. If you don't know what a Bichon is, Google it. Or "Bing" it. Whatever floats your boat. Anyway. Phoebe has helped me a lot, so I am thinking I will be able to finish the next chapter by end of April, latest is End of May. So people, I am healing and soon writing! Will you all wait?

If you would like to know where this is please go to my profile here: www.fanfiction.net/~kamiam714

Harry Potter Timeline!


  • What Happened and births. Also dates when each entered the schools.


  • Bill Weasley was born. The First War starts.


  • The Marauders, Lily, and Snape are now in their in first year of Hogwarts. Bill is 1. The First War is in its 1st year.


  • Charlie Weasley is born. Bill is Two years old. The War is now in its 2nd year. The others are now in their 2nd year. Nymphadora Tonks is born.


  • Snape is tormented. The older gang is now in their 5th year. Bill is 6 years old. Charlie is now 4 years old. Tonks is now 4 years old. The War is now in its 6th year. Percy Weasley is born. Victor Krum is born.


  • Fleur Delacour is born. Bill is 7, Charlie is 5 and Percy is now 1. The War is in its 7th year. The older gang is now in their 6th year. Tonks is 5 years old. Krum is now 1.


  • Fred and George are now born. Percy is 2, Charlie is 6, and Bill is 8. The War is in its 8th year. The older gang is now in its 7th year. Tonk is now 6 years old. Fleur is now 1. Krum is now 2.


  • James and Lily are now married. Bill is 9, Charlie is 7, Percy is 4, and Fred n' George are now 1. Tonks is now 7 years old. Cho Chang is born, Krum is 4, Fleur is 3 years old. The War is in its 9th year. Regulus Black is now dead. Trelawney makes the prophecy, and is hired as the new Divination teacher. Hermione Granger is now born.


  • Ron Weasley is born. Neville Longbottom is born. Harry Potter is born. Snape warns Dumbledore about how Voldemort is hunting the Potters and trying to make the prophecy not come true. The War is now in its 10th year. Bill is 10, Charlie is 8, Percy is 5, and Fred n' George are now 2. Hermione is 7 months old. Cho is 1, Krum is 5, Fleur is now 4. Tonks is 8 years old.


  • Severus Snape is hired as the Potions Master. Ginny Weasley is born. On Halloween, James and Lily Potter are killed, Harry gets the scar, and Voldemort disappears. The War was in its 11th year and is over. Day later, Sirius tries to kill Peter, but is sent to Azkaban. Peter escapes. Harry is sent to his aunt and uncle's house. Bill is now in his first year of Hogwarts. Charlie is 9, Percy is 6, Fred n' George are 3, and Ron is 1. Hermione is 1 and 7 months old. Harry and Neville are now 1. Luna is born this year also. Tonks is 9, Cho is 2, Krum 5, Fleur is now 4. Draco is born and Dudley is born.


  • Bill is now in his 2nd year. Charlie:10, Percy:7, Fred n' George: 4, Ron: 2, Ginny: 1. Cho is 3. Harry and Neville are 2. Hermione is now 2 and 7 months. Luna is now 1. Tonks: 10, Krum:6, Fleur:5, Draco:1, Dudley:1.


  • Bill is in his 3rd year, Charlie and Tonks are in their 1s t. Percy:8, Fred n' George:5, Ron:3, Ginny is now 2. Harry and Neville are now 3. Hermione is now 3 and 7 months. Luna is now 2. Krum:7, Fleur:6, Draco:2, Dudley:2. Cho is 4.


  • Bill is in his 5th year, Charlie and Tonks are in their 3th year, Percy is now in his 1st year. Fred n' George:7, Ron:5, Ginny is now 4. Harry and Neville are now 5. Hermione is now 5 and 7 months. Luna is now 4. Krum:9, Fleur:8, Draco:5, Dudley:5. Cho is 6.


  • Bill is his 7th year, Charlie and Tonks are in their 5th year, Percy is now in his 2nd year. Fleur is now 10. Krum is in his first year at Durmstrang. Fred n' George:9, Ron:7, Ginny is now 6. Harry and Neville are now 7. Hermione is now 7 and 7 months. Luna is now 6. Cho is 8. Draco & Dudley: 7.


  • Bill is now out of school and is now in Gringotts, Charlie and Tonks are in their 6th year, Percy is his 3rd year. Krum is in his 2nd year. Fleur is in her first year at Beauxbatons. Fred n' George are now 10. Cho is 9. Ron is 8, Ginny is 7. Harry and Neville are now 8. Hermione is now 8 and 7 months. Luna is 7. Draco & Dudley: 8.


  • Bill is now out of school and is in Gringotts, Charlie and Tonks are now in their 7th year, Percy is in 4th year, Fred n' George are now in there 1st year. Cho is 10. Ron: 9, Ginny:8. Harry and Neville are now 9. Hermione is now 9 and 7 months. Luna is 9 year old.  Draco & Dudley: 9.


  • Charlie is now out of School and working with dragons. Bill is in Gringotts. Tonks is working for the MoM, as an Auror. Percy is in his 5th year. Fred n' George are in 2nd year. Cho is in her 1st year of Hogwarts. Ron is 10, and Ginny is 9. Harry and Neville are 10. Hermione is 10 and 7 months. Draco & Dudley: 10.


  • Charlie is working with dragons. Bill is in Gringotts. Tonks is working for the MoM, as an Auror. Percy is in 6th year, Fred n' George are now in 3nd year. Cho is in her 2nd year. Harry, Ron and Hermione are now in School. Neville is in his 1st year. Ginny and Luna are now 10. Draco is in his 1st year at Hogwarts. Dudley is now in his first year at whatever school he goes to now.